Services list

Wireless Network Planning

  • RF system design
  • Stealth cell site design
  • Model tuning
  • Frequency/PN planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Traffic engineering
  • Microwave link design
  • In-building and DAS systems
  • Small Cell system design and analysis
  • WLAN 802.XX system design

Network Testing & Optimization

  • Cell site, cluster & system testing
  • CW & coverage testing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Live system data collection & post processing
  • Parameter & search window optimization
  • New cell site integration & new carrier optimization
  • Network trouble area identification and solution

Network Operation & Maintenance

  • Traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • FIT/FOA testing
  • Feature testing validation
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • MSC operations
  • Site & tower audits


Wireless systems implementation is not a field in which a one-size-fits-all approach is advisable. Our clients—whether they are major telecommunication companies or government entities, depend on their wireless offerings to be nimble, durable, and efficient, and as such, we take pride in designing, implementing, and optimizing IT solutions tailored to address the individual needs of each client.

At InfiniTel, we take pride in being true subject matter experts, bringing to the table an abundance of knowledge in all things related to wireless systems and RF engineering. Our team addresses such diverse needs as system design and capacity planning, project management, and more. We have been working in wireless since 1997, and have adapted our strategies and capacities as the industry itself has adapted; as such, we are proud to offer services in data and voice systems, in secure networks, and beyond.

Beyond wireless system design and implementation, our IT services are numerous. They include data security analysis, database programming, business process strategy, and more. Our team also includes RF engineers, analysts, and project managers of all levels. Above all, we are subject matter experts, passionate about our field and devoted to serving our clients however we can.

Whatever our clients’ wireless needs, InfiniTel seeks to innovate the best possible solution. To learn more about our array of services, contact us at your earliest convenience.



Wireless Network Planning

At InfiniTel we employ a methodical and comprehensive approach to our Network Planning, with emphasis on model tuning, capacity, traffic, coverage and zoning laws. We keep our clients involved in the design phase, this increases efficiency and the result is a system design which is deployable utilizing minimal time and resources.

A conceptual picture of worldwide mobile business using internet technology

Network Testing & Optimization

InfiniTel uses the latest network testing tools and has developed proven methodologies to identify network problem areas. Whether we perform physical configuration changes or software site parameter changes, our strategy is a holistic approach so that our customers have their network functioning seamlessly.


Network Operation & Maintenance

InfiniTel provides a complete spectrum of managed services and solutions for complex networks. Our managed network operation and maintenance services employ a proactive approach and identify and mitigate potential problems before they occur, ensuring system network availability and reduction of total cost of ownership.